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     Welcome to Blue Collar Warrior!  This a News Site / Blog, Dedicated to Veterans, The Average Blue Collar American Working Stiff and Americans in general.  My purpose for starting Blue Collar Warrior, was to give my self and any other Veteran, AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE LOVING, CONSTITUTION RESPECTING / Veteran Supporters / Skilled tradesman / Rant,Rave Against the way Our Country is being run / Religious Freedom  / Liberty  seeking  / Law abiding / Self sustaining /  Gun Owning / Christian, non Christian, /  Conservative / Natural Health, anti Pharmaceutical, Non GMO , Gardner, Herbalist, Natural Remedies /  Anti Surveillance, privacy loving / Outlet for the Average Blue Collar American to share ideas and Grow as a Human Being!

    Blue Collar Warrior is a Work In Progress, I have no formal Advertising for my web site and No Formal Skills as a Web Site Programmer or owner.  I'm an Electrical Specialist by trade, I started this site on a whim because I was fed up with Main Stream News Outlets and Their Skews on Reality as it affects You and Me, the Average Blue Collar American.  So if everything isn't Perfect,  Please, give me a break.  Content and Changes to pages will come as I have time add it, and with your input.  I welcome all constructive criticism , Constructive being the Key Word. With your feed back Blue Collar Warrior will get better.   Guest Writers are welcomed and encouraged to Post their thoughts Rants or Raves on any given topic.


Mark H.

Owner/Publisher of Blue Collar Warrior

Entire charade of supposed 'racism' at MIZZOU revealed as elaborate HOAX perpetrated by the student body

Hillary Clinton’s claim that she tried to join the Marines

By ARDEN FARHI, STEPHANIE CONDON CBS NEWS November 12, 2015, 6:00 AM        


After a gunman killed nine people at an Oregon community college in early October, President Obama made a familiar walk to the White House briefing room to express sadness and outrage over another mass shooting.

"Somehow this has become routine. The reporting is routine. My response here at this podium ends up being routine. The conversation in the aftermath of it. We've become numb to this," President Obama said, citing the proliferation of guns as a root cause of mass shootings.

It was the eleventh such statement of his presidency.


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